Thursday, November 11, 2010

Baby its cold outside.........!!!!!

I hate to be a bawl baby but........ I feel that I have NO other choice. It is COLD oh so COLD! And my furnace is broke. Why oh why must that happen? Really now. I am freezing and do I really wont to pay to get my furnace fixed when I know that Christmas is fastly approaching? No I don't.

And please do tell me. Why does everything have to go at once? The furnace, the fridge, the oven, the dishwasher, the washing machine, the dryer.... (that one i can hear as i blog, it sounds like there is a train running through my basement)

I hate to complain but sometimes it does heal the heart. Just a little.

And then there is the basement floor..... it still has not been replaced since last year when I riped out the carpet that I tore up because some certain little dog decided it was a patch of grass to PEE and POOP on!!

And the new slip covers that I worked so very hard on to buy me time until I could afford new furniture. Well my oh my they are yucky. Someone spilled wine on the them.(no it was not me)

Wa WA WA!!!! Sniffle Sniffle.....

The good thing is. I am getting excited for Christmas!!! Not so sure why. I normally hate this holiday. But I think I might wont to curl up by the fireplace and listen to Christmas music or..... watch my very favorite movie.............

over and over again. Yes I think that I will just do that. It is sure to solve all of my problems!!!
Love you, Brenda

Hello All

Well I have recently been inspired to start blogging. For the last 3 months I have been following some amazing blogs and have been given much hope, happiness and inspiration from people I have never met. It is amazing. I hope that I may be able to inspire others the way I have been. Happy blogging!!!

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