Monday, September 26, 2011

Happy Birthday to Cortney

Saturday was Cortney girls birthday. The big 19. OH my!!! My little girl. She was such a good sport spending her birthday helping with the benefit for brando. And I am pretty sure that she was more than happy to spend her day the way she did.

We where able to sneak in a little bite of special time for cort. Stacee gave her balloons and flowers first thing. Then we all ( that is all the ladies that where helping get the benefit put together,wendy,maya,grannie,gramps,dad,cade,z and doug) went to el sol for lunch. Then we sang happy birthday to her at the benifit while chase tried to play it on his guitar.

Cortney is a great little sis. Spending her special day unselfishly to all that she could to help out her big bro. She even fit into her nice pants for the day!!!!! (just teasing cort)

*so i guess i better explain about the nice pants. sometimes cort is a little not nice. i have to remind her to put on her nice pants once in a while. sunday we went to see brand and cort was a having a bad morning and being a little grumpy. i told her to go get her nice pants on and she told me " They just dont fit me no more" she is so very funny. denver told her she better jump on the tread mill so that she could fit back in them.

Thanks for being a good sister and a wonder daughter cort. I love you to the moon and back!!

one day at a time....

Yesterday was a super exciting day.... Brandon slid from the bed to the wheel chair all by himself. Plus got himself dressed. Its the small steps that make us oh so happy. Never take the simple things in life for granted.

Oh and if I have failed to mention.... Brand has the MOST amazing girlfriend in the world. We are so lucky that he found her. Not only does he love her but the ENTIRE fam does as well. Just a added bonus.

So today I did not get to go and see him but talked on the phone. He sounded GREAT!!! While I was chatting with him they where changing the the bandages on his broken leg. (and taking out the stitches) Dang I really wanted to be there for that part.   It just looks so dang good!  It is amazing that they stuck 2 rods in there and thats the only incisions that where made.

I wont be able to go back down to the hospital again until Wednesday and just can hardly stand it. It is so hard to not be there but I know that he is being taken care of.

Thanks again to everyone for your love and support. loves

Friday, September 23, 2011


wow...... it was a great night. i think we might have got a good nights sleep. it is amazing what sleep will do for you. i think brand only woke me up once. i feel like a new person almost.

well this morning brandon seems to be doing ok. he has not complained much about pain. however he seems a little quite. i guess that is what being in the hospital for 11 days straight will do for you.

every thing seems to be healing nicely. each day there is little improvements. ya!!!

oh dang i forgot to get  pictures but last night was great!!! michelle tweezed brandons eyebrows. they look great! but it was so funny because every time a nurse or doc would come in the room she would try to be sneaky and hide the tweezers and slowly walk a way. it is the little things these days that entertain us. he also got a fresh manicure.

well have a great day!! we will try to do so here.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

another day.......

so today....... we spent a lot of time trying to make brand comfy. pulling his leg(funny hu?) blankets no blankets, fan no fan, pee no pee. Oh dear it is exhausting.

new things that you may not have been told. right leg has a big broken toe. and the foot is infected. white blood count is a little high.(it is trying to fight that infected foot) the burned foot is looking better each day with dressing changes. it is very painful however that is good news! there is feeling in it! the wrist is healing well and does not cause much pain.(hip hip horray)  the road rash is looking wonderful. it is amazing how the  body heals itself.

there is hopes to be moving on up to the 12th floor. that is where rehab is. (yes) however that means major work on brandons part. it is going to be hard hard hard and very long. they are saying like 3 weeks up there. YIKES!!!

im not so sure we can do this...... oh sure we can. i can tell that it is starting to wear on everyone ,mostly brandon. but i know he will do what needs to be done to get himself home soon.

things at home: i feel like it has been a eternity since i have seen my family. denver is doing football and craig is trying to run the entire show at home so they have not really been able to come down. cortney is NOT going to school this week. SHAME ON HER!!!! but she has been working. it is her birthday saturday. oh my goodness 19. CRAZY.

well i am tired oh so tired. so i will end there tonight. thanks for everything everyone is doing. Loves ya all!!!

If you where wondering.....

Sometimes we do crazy things when in the hospital....... because sometimes we start to go a little crazy........

You know you have a keeper of a girl friend when she will touch yes touch your toes!!!!

Nothing like a little pedicure to help lift your spirits.

 That's right even polish.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

I might be a complainer.....crazy

ok so i think that this is a totally great idea....i will be able to keep those that are interested in brandons condition updated and at the same time blow off some steam.

well today was a good/bad/great day. started out good. then of course all good things must come to a end. got a fever and red blood count was down so brandon gobbled up 2 units of blood. it is amazing what that can do for a person. a couple of hours after, brandon was almost back to his old self. making me and michelle laugh.

oh and by the way, just what would i do with out her??? she has been a trooper throughout this whole rotten deal. hardly ever leaving his side. you have no idea, until you have done it how much it takes out of you to care for a loved one when they are injured or very ill. she has helped me sooo much. it has been wonderful having her here.

so the plan is surgery in the morning. (on the wrist) it sounds like quit the deal. it is pretty crushed up. i hope this will be the last surgery. no more finding new injuries.

*the complaint for the day... or what is tearing me up is that damn man that videoed the accident. ok fine chris garff. what the HELL are you thinking. do you really think that releasing that was a ok thing to do. maybe just maybe you could have considered the feelings of brandon and the family before you did so. call me crazy but i am pretty sure that your mother would not want to be sitting in the ICU with you in critical condition look up at the tv and see for the FIRST TIME the video of you being rescued. it is an amazing rescue and some more than amazing people that did so.(much much much more on them in the near future) BUT it is not what a mother wants to see. her sons limp body trapped under a burning car being pulled out and left to.... i don't seems like they thought he was dead.....i just don't know...... laying on the road... limp.... and the police not even bending over to check a vital? now you tell me that ok? and to add insult to injury you are making money off of this? shame on you!!! oh dear i cant wait to meet you.

wow i feel a little better. thanks for letting me complain. love ya all and thanks for everything everyone is doing for our fam.


well this is a great time for me to start getting serious about my blogging again. you all know this is a safe spot for me to vent my feelings and not have to care really to much about what people think about me. you know because this is my blog. and, well if you really know me at all, you know that it is all about me, Me,ME!!! (now you are wondering if you really know me at all right)

ok time to get serious.... this week has been HORRIBLE to say the least. on monday i got a telephone call at work that just threw my entire world into a whirl. you know,the one we moms all dread. the one that starts with "brenda....this is logan regional hospital....we have your son brandon here and he has been in aaccident"

i am not the type of mother that goes all crazy and assumes the worst when i get these kind of calls. so on my drive to the hospital i only said once.....i swear god i have lost one child and if you take another from me so help me...."(we will talk about that in a later post) i knew that brand would be alive when i got there. i had made myself clear on that one.

it was a motorcycle accident. it was horrible. it is day 6 and it is still horrible. but brand is alive. it will be a long road. i mean a long road. and we will all learn from this. we will have many emotions. i will become a better person because of this.

i want to share the filming of the accident with you. if you chose to view it you may. i myself have only viewed a small portion of it. i am only posting it so that those of you that have not already heard of the accident will be able to understand a little more about some of the emotions i may share with you at a later time. so that you can get a real sense of how horrible of a accident it was.

Hello All

Well I have recently been inspired to start blogging. For the last 3 months I have been following some amazing blogs and have been given much hope, happiness and inspiration from people I have never met. It is amazing. I hope that I may be able to inspire others the way I have been. Happy blogging!!!

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