Saturday, October 15, 2011

I need to share a little story with you about a lesson that I learned the other day. I took Brandon to the medical supply store to get some stuff for his burn foot dressing changes. As we walked in to the store there was a man at the register. He was buying a reclining chair. (we assume for someone in his fam)He was telling the clerk "what kind of consumer he was" price did not matter,he wanted quality and good customer service.He was just loud enough that he caught our attention as we where walking past. Brandon turned to me and said something to the affect of "he sounds like kind of a jackass". And yes my mom and I where thinking the same thing in our heads. We continued to get our supplies and made our purchases, and was almost out the door when this man approached us. "Is this the young man that just returned home"? he said. (you need to know that we are a little gun shy now because of how aggressive the press is and so we where very slow in giving out any information) "the man that just got home from Iraq( i think is where he said)"? "the one that had his ankles shattered"? Brandon said "No I was in a motorcycle accident" Then the man new witch one he was. He was so kind and asked how he was doing and had a nice little conversation with Brandon. He asked about fund raisers and such. Then he took out his wallet and said "Im not sure how to catch up with you later but I really want to help you out." "Its not much but it is what I have right now" and goes to had Brand a woad of cash. Brandon tried to refuse it. He said no no no its really ok we are fine. That's to much. The man walked over to me and put it in the pocket of my shirt. We said our good bys and he wished Brand well.
When we got out in the car I gave the money to Brandon and he counted it. $100. From a complete stranger! Whom all three of us had just judged and formed our own opinion of without even knowing. I am ashamed of my self!!!! I hope to take this experience and make myself a much better person. I hope that I will try harder not to judge others. I hope that I can find kindness towards complete strangers as he did. I hope that I will someday be able to make a person want to be a better person as he did me.
Thank you so much unknown man. Thank you not so much for the money but for making me stop and think about the kind of person I am, and the kind of person I would love to become!!!

Little Lady Bug

Lots has happened in the past couple of days!!! Brandon was able to come home. This is an adjustment for all of us. It has only been a few days and......well lets just say..... there are moments when I think that we would all like to hurt each other. He is doing great and I am sure that we will all survive this. I may start drinking and I have also considered taking up smoking.......tee hee heee....but we will survive.

So those of  you that know our fam well will really appreciate what happened last night. Brandon, Michelle,Denver, Cortney, Craig and I where all hanging out in Brands room just talking and having a good time when out of no where the most perfect little lady bug flew in and landed on the bed next to Brands leg.  She stayed for a long while and just climbed around on Brandons boot... up on to his toes....and was just there.......Then she decided to leave and spread her little wings and flew away. Hummmm........I think we all new what it was all about. It brings tears to my eyes today but at the time it was just.....ok..... we are all here......!!

Love you all.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Outing....

Today we went on a field trip!!! Out to dinner!!
 Brandon was so excited to get out he even combed his hair real nice like....(what a dork)

 It was most defiantly a two person job getting him in and out of the car. Good thing we had Michelle with us. She is a real trooper. OK so the adventure was great. We found the place that Brandon wonted to go to. This only took all day for him to decide what he wanted to do on his outing.

And the damn place was closed. That's right they so did not get the memo that Brandon was busting out of the hospital to come and eat with them! Do they not know the work that it takes to get him places???

Any ways it was all OK because don't you all worry he had a back up plan.... another vegetarian place......The Vertical was ummmm...........the most awful tasting food I have ever eaten in my entire life!!!!! But that is OK cuz Brand LOVED it!!!!! And he got a full belly!
This weekend I have been able to be at the hospital for so many exciting things.
I love to see the healing process of the body. It is simply amazing to me. It is so dang cool the things that can been done to help in the healing process.  Like putting metal rods inside the bones. And holding broken parts in place with screws!!! It is so cool.

                                                      So the cast comes off the wrist.

                                    And the stitches come out!!Those are some pretty cool scares.

                                       And then the dressing change on the burn foot.

 It really is healing nicely. Even though it looks a little gross. Can  you even imagine having a burn like this on any part of your body. Oh I feel so bad for those peeps that have burns all over there bodies.

That's 3rd degree burns on the toes. Bone may need to be removed on those little piggies. Lets pray that will not be the case. (just a interesting thing i learned while they where doing the dressing change.... the stuff they put on the foot to help it heal has real silver in it. cool hu!!!)


Brandon has an amazing attitude. Rehab is HARD work!!

He knows the importance of it.

And he is ready to bust out of this joint and get home.

Nothing like having someone crank on your leg! I could tell this really hurt. And trust me it was almost as hard for me to watch as it was for Brand to endure.

The PTs are awesome and do such good work here. This has been a great hospital. Even though I hate the 2 hour drive down I am thankful that he was taken here. Great choice LRH.

Making Progress

Brandon is progressing so quickly!! We finally have a go home date. TUESDAY!!! I cant believe it. He has worked so darn hard to get to this point and it has not been easy for him. We really should not take for granted the simple things that we can do. Like bending our knees enough to ride in a car, or being able to get our self out of bed to the toilet, or how about just being able to go to the toilet? I mean really!!! Great job Brand.

Hello All

Well I have recently been inspired to start blogging. For the last 3 months I have been following some amazing blogs and have been given much hope, happiness and inspiration from people I have never met. It is amazing. I hope that I may be able to inspire others the way I have been. Happy blogging!!!

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