Saturday, June 26, 2010

Just a little.....


this has been a terrific week!!! first of all the week started out by going to Lagoon on Monday. wonderful. i hate riding the rides but it was way cool to see the kids having a blast and of coarse Maya was a delight!!!! she is the most precious angel send from heaven. we are the luckiest to have her as part of our fam.

next i was asked to sub at the summer lunch program her in Richmond for the week. it is so nice to have a routine. plus i love to see all the little darlins...

and..... Allan is doing much better. he is getting around great and seems to have some strength back. hip hip hooray!!!

hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Fathers Day!!!!

Happy Fathers Day to all my dads.......

I have been so blessed to have not only 1 father but 3...... I hope that you all know what wonderful men you are. In your own separate ways each of you have touched my life and been a true blessing to me and my family.

Now you know that I love each of you equally but this year for Fathers Day I must highlight my wonderful father in law.

I am so lucky. Lately I have been able to spend a little more time with him then usual. (now as for him... he may not feel as equally lucky to be having me around but remember "I am your favorite daughter in law")

Allan has kidney failure and has been on dyalisis for over 20 years. Now if you ask him he can tell you the exact amount of hours he has spent on that lovely machine.
Threw out all this I can honestly say... I have never really heard him complain about the cards he has been dealt. Now don't get me wrong... I don't think he is happy about it, and it is defiantly not how he was planning his retirement, but wow what an amazing attitude this man has.
He has taught me so much.....And I love him....

(craig, allan, casey)
Happy Fathers Day to a wonderful father, grandfather and father in law.

And a Happy Fathers Day to my Baby Cakes... Love ya!!!

Hello All

Well I have recently been inspired to start blogging. For the last 3 months I have been following some amazing blogs and have been given much hope, happiness and inspiration from people I have never met. It is amazing. I hope that I may be able to inspire others the way I have been. Happy blogging!!!

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