Thursday, April 22, 2010

Lunch Lady Land...

I was reminded again today why I love being a lunch lady.....

There is a special little group of kids that get to come to the lunch room before any of the other little darlings do....these kids are real special...they have been chosen by Heavenly Father to come to this earth for the benefit of us all.

There is one girl in this group that is a little should we say"difficult" for her teachers at times...and seems to be in a not . so . good . mood . most days.

Well today guess what she did.... the cutest thing that brought a smile to my face... and reminded me of the important things in life....

She smiled at me and blew me a kiss!!!! And then the little sweetie graped my hand.

I wonder why she was having such a good day today? I wonder if her parents told her they loved her when they sent her to school today? I wonder if her teachers where extra patient with her today?

I wonder if she knows that she made MY day?!?!?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Special Day...

(i apologize for the poor pictures.i had to take pics of pics for this post)
Today is a very special day. And I wont to share a very special story with you. To begin... it is my angel princesses Birthday today. She is 13!!! Oh my goodness I can not believe it. The time has flown by and seemed to be at a stand still all the same.

This is my Angel... Her name is Taylor. I am so sorry to all of you that did not have the chance to meet her. Boy you would have loved her!

When Tay was 3 she was diagnosed with Lympho Blastic Lymphoma. It was a Sukey couple of years but she did wonderful through the treatments. And the Lymphoma responded well to the chemo. She won that battle and was free for about a year.

And then she started to have pains again. We went to our family doc and she thought everything was ok. A couple of weeks later we went to the oncologist for a routine check up and the news was not good. She had relapsed. She spent her 6th birthday in the hospital. And everything went down hill from then on.

On February 21 2005 my sweet little girl was taken from me while in my mother should EVER have to experience that..... she was just to perfect to live here on this earth.

She is heaven now and is pain free and very happy! As a mother I am bitter and angry with God for taking her from me... I guess that is selfish, that is just how I feel. But.... today I am going to be happy that she is happy!!! And when I see her little friends I will wonder if she would be like them today. Or what she would wont for her birthday this year. I am going to sing Happy Birthday and maybe have cake and ice cream!!!!
Happy Happy Birthday Taylor Jo I love you to the moon and back!!!xoxoxoxo
Love MOM

Tuesday, April 13, 2010 have structure again.... it is delightful!

day 2 of back to work and school. it is wonderful.

i am so very blessed to have a job that i love....

wonderful women to work with... and wonderful children to visit with.

a home to come home to and a family to take care of.

i am blessed!!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010


so this is what happens when you are mad and throw a hanger at the window. everyone look and learn it will break!

you will all be very proud as to how Craig and I handled this.

there was NO yelling No raising of the voices. just calmly walking out of the room.

it did take us half of the evening to decide what we should do about this. Niether one of us is very good at dicapline.

the punishment? well he was not aloud to go to the hill climbs at beaver, he had to clean his room and realy help around the house. (why is this more punishment for me than him?) and he does have to help pay to replace the window.

On to other things:

i am having spring break burn out!!! big time. the kids and i need structure.(when i say kids i usually mean mine as well as zak, he is my nephew and lives next door. he spends a lot of time with us)

i am out of ideas and out of rewards

and this is the kind of things the "kids" do when they are bored. my poor poor kittys!!

note: this is only a small taste of the kind of things they do. the other morning i woke to fishing line strung through out the entire basement. what??? i just dont get it. (it was a trap)

i am so sorry kittys. monday you will be glad to see us all walk out the door and you will have the house to yourselfs for a few hours.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Everyone be quite.........their still sleeping

it is 9sh at the Andrus house and I am awake... that is the first surprise....and awake before the kids. Oh the things I have accomplished already. It is wonderful.
Homemade wholewheat waffles,homemade syrup warm and waiting for my little darlings to rise. Colored my hair, showered, dressed, dishwasher going, washer and dryer going. My oh my what has come over me? (i think i might sneak and get me a fountain diet coke before anyone knows...shh)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Day 2 "Spring Break"

Reward Day!!

So since we got the basement done and everyone was still feeling the love for each other we decided to go to the Rail Jam.
It was held at the university and sounded like a great time and the bonus for me was that it was FREE!!!!! Well it was a dud.... Denver and Zak were ready to go home after 45 minutes. It was very amature. Not what we were hoping for.

The day was not a complete waste.... I talked Denver into stealing the golf cart to give us a ride back to the parking terrace..... Dang it was chained up!!!!
Today's goal is to get the laundry all done and put away.... and the reward???? You will just have to wait and see........

Love you all.... Brenda

Day 1 "Spring Break"

OOPS!!!!!!! Guess what we are doing?

Is it wrong to use child labor to use up days of spring break?

We have been needing to do this job for some time now... Spring break was the perfect answer to this problem.
Everyone helped and it went real good. I had to keep reminding them that there would be a reward the next day if we got it done. And we did!!!! The best part was that everyone had a good time and we all got along.

It turned out great!!!!! Now we just need to get the flooring done. (Hopefully this summer) Saving my pennies for this.

OK so I don't love the color "whispering wheat" but it is an improvement from the yellow that I had down there before. Cortney wants to do green to accent. Curtains, pillows, shower curtain, towels etc. etc. I think she has a good idea love it. And remember the door that I found at the thrift store well I think it is staying upstairs, I wont a long mirror to go above the coach instead. I will take pics and post when it is all complete. You will love it!!! And so will we!!!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

april goals:

This morning I was inspired by my friend Jess. Her blog post was about her months goals (which where about balancing her life). I got thinking and I really need to have some goals as well. Maybe I should start small and go with one goal so it is more attainable. So here we go:

*learn to love myself and accept myself. I have been having major anxiety lately about this subject.

If I was only 20 lbs lighter, if my hair was longer with no grey, if my house was cleaner, if it looked like a picture out of better homes and gardens, if I had the perfect marriage, if my kids where the perfect little darlings, if I made more money, if I only had one job, if I had an abundance of friends, if I was a better friend, if I was a better mom, if I was a better wife!!!!

WOW no wonder I am having anxiety. This month I am going to work on being happy with ME the way that I AM!!!!

Wish me luck.

Hello All

Well I have recently been inspired to start blogging. For the last 3 months I have been following some amazing blogs and have been given much hope, happiness and inspiration from people I have never met. It is amazing. I hope that I may be able to inspire others the way I have been. Happy blogging!!!

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