Saturday, January 14, 2012

things that have happened....

so much time has passed and so many things have happened since my last post.... I almost was not sure if I should even post because where in the world do you even start when when this much time has passed?? Well here we go......

*Brandon is healing great and is one week back into school.(still living at home) it Will be about a year before he is able to receive any type of settlement from the accident, and there will be no lost wages reimbursement.
I just wonder..... how are people supposed to live when these kinds of things happen? There is most defiantly something wrong with the system here.

*Cort cut her hair off!!!! It is adorable. I will post a pic soon.

*Denver is doing great. He is a  go with the flow kid, and he is stinking cute!

*Craigs work bought out the computation in town, combined employees....this = STRESS.

*Me I have quit being a sexylunch lady:( I am sad and do miss the students + now I need to change my blog name. Dang... I should have thought about that first.

I am now a full timer at Kohls.. area supervisor. I do like it but.... this brings me to the reason for my post tonight. I am overwhelmed by the dishonesty of people. I have been known to be naive and to trusting. Well 2 months of full time in retail has opened my eyes.

I just can NOT believe the nerve of people.... They look you in the eye and lye and are cruel.... and the nerve they have.  I had a lady that bought 2 pairs of levis.. she said they where to much money!!!!(why in the hell did she buy them then?I did not force her to do it. I did not set the price for them.)
She continued to tell me that I needed to give her 20% off. She argued with me,,,,"they are to much money". My hell I had to give her the discount. And I did!!!! Does she sleep well at night?

Same day different lady. She is on the customer phone with the Kohls card company... She is truly stomping her feet!!! Yelling you could hear her in the restrooms... She had over paid on her card and now had a credit of $100. She was insisting that they tell our store to give her $100 back!!!! out of our till! Policy is they will send you a check for the credit. She wanted CASH!  I was sooo amazed at the scene she was causing... a grown woman acting like a child..... she later got a hold of me at the front of the store.......oh dear lord...the whole thing over again this time with me!!!! I am so great full I could not open the till and give her the money she was insisting on. (she was even shoving the receipt for her payment in my face)  It is amazing!!!

And then there is the theft!!! It is amazing that people have no conscience....

Needless to say my eyes have been opened WIDE!!! I dont think that I will be able to trust anyone. It is such a sad sad sad thing.

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