Thursday, January 24, 2013

Day 4

I know I said "I hate when people take pics of them self and then post" but I just think I love my new bangs so much I could not wait for someone to take my pic and I just could not ask someone to. They may think that I was CRAZY or something!

Day 4 of week off and it is FREEZING rain here in Richmond. Ugly!!! The roads are very slick and I don't dare leave the house. HUMMM what am I going to do today??(cort truly had a half inch of ice on her windshield this morning.i felt so bad, i could hear her out there scrapping it. she had asked me to go start her car for her earlier and i was kind of a brat and said no...more like HELL NO i just got out of the shower)

The animals are driving me a little bite crazy.Tucker is just so damn ugly with his long hair and he cant see where he is going and he is starting to stink a little... well alot.

And Ollie is NAUGHTY!!!!!!! She is crossing the electric fence line. I have 2 shock collars on her and she is still getting across. She has forgotten how to mind and did do time out last night. I have also busted out the mean voice.(denver said i am to nice to her and that is why she is not minding me)
Also Morris has been so lazy lately that he has taken to pooing in the bath tub!!! What the heck?? It freaks Craig out I just tell him its better than on the carpet. At least we can sanitize the tub. But this morning.... I found that he had pooed in the corner of the kitchen while I was in the shower!!! Can you even imagine. This weather is making everyone crazy. I cant wait to kick these animals all outside.

Denver figured out I have the week off and decided that he was going to play sick for yesterday and today. Seems how he has tomorrow off it will be like a week off for him to.(and what the hell look at that messy room.he tells me it is clean. i can count 5 glasses 3 bowl and a plate just from this pic. what a pig)

He is not sick look at him.WII controller in his hand and head phones on. He has a 50 in TV in his room. What a life!!! I need to bust out the mean voice on him to.

(ok so he might be a little sick but....)

Yesterday I went to the Di to try and find a few things to finish up my bedroom. I am looking for large cool frames and a couple of shelf's etc. etc.
I got up bright and early and was there before they opened the doors. I could tell that is the norm for some peeps. As I was standing at the books looking for something good I could not help but over here the conversation that was going on next to me. A young man and lady in there 25 ishes. Looking up prices on there phones of books. This case there was a set of LDS books. Older, I Think one of each prophet. There was about 8. She was saying they where going for 95$ in fare condition. He said well these are in excellent. Then she said have you checked the DVD's yet?
I think that I am in the wrong job. They just made 100$ in less that 30 min. and probs had a good time!!
Today just out of curiosity I may go through my books and see what they are selling for on amazon or ebay. Who knows?

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