Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Day 1 and 2

So far so good on my doing something crazy week off goal. Day one I painted the bedroom. I was not feeling sooo crazy that I continued on to the entire house but may go on into the bathroom.(pics to come. I just need to stop by the thrift store to find a couple of things to finish it up)

Day two I had to take Gramps to a couple of DR. appointments so I just colored my hair and cut BANGS. Yes bangs just like the first ladies.I think I like them but when Craig seen me he said"nice hair cut". Like was that for real or was he being rude???? (pic to come of that also. I am home alone and hate when peeps take pics of them self and then post)

My sis sent me a text today"just thinking about you and praying for you". She must really be in tune! I hate this time of year. Every sound, feel and smell. Reminds me. Plus Craig is leaving for Island Park which is like a HUGE smack in the face cuz he was totally gone and I had to deal with the relapse on my own. (except my loving mom and sis's of course) Maybe one day I will share with him how much anger I hold inside for this. And I have been super sad and feeling like I need something so much bigger in my life but refuse to turn to God because he must really hate me for making be go through all this.
Now we can tell that I did not keep myself busy enough today cant we?? To much time to think. And not enough CRAZINESS going on.

What will tomorrow hold??? I think it might be a road trip. I need to get up and out of this smog!!!!

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Hello All

Well I have recently been inspired to start blogging. For the last 3 months I have been following some amazing blogs and have been given much hope, happiness and inspiration from people I have never met. It is amazing. I hope that I may be able to inspire others the way I have been. Happy blogging!!!

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