Sunday, January 20, 2013


So I have the week off . What am I going to do???? I tend to just sit around and be all depressed and pout and mop and stuff when I have days to burn. But NO I will not do that this time. It has been a VERY stress full  few weeks at work and I need to do some recouping. I AM not going to sit and worry about going back to work(which is the norm).I am going to do something CRAZY!!! Any great ideas?

Maybe I will start with:

1. Painting the bedroom (maybe getting real crazy and doing the entire house??)
2. Taking a road trip
3. Go to the monster trucks with Denver. I have always wanted to go but never have.
4. De junk some closets
5. Learn how to meditate
6.Create something from pinterest

Ok I know real CRAZY!!! I just cant think of anything....... And it is just sooo darn cold outside I almost don't want to even leave the house.

OOHHH and so the other day I sent Stac a text begging for her to take me back as a sexy lunch lady. And no it is not just because of the name of my blog... I MISS being a sexy lunch lady. And it was a much more fun than the crazy stuff that goes on in retail!! And I really mean crazy.

 Now it is posted and I am going to be held accountable to do something CRAZY!!!!!! Send me any ideas if you have them.

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Hello All

Well I have recently been inspired to start blogging. For the last 3 months I have been following some amazing blogs and have been given much hope, happiness and inspiration from people I have never met. It is amazing. I hope that I may be able to inspire others the way I have been. Happy blogging!!!

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